What Does Holistic Medicine Mean?

“Holistic” is a word that many claim to understand but few actually do. Basically, when it comes to holistic health the easiest way to describe it is by labeling it as all-natural. However, it is much deeper than that. Holistic medicine, unlike traditional medicine, takes into account the whole person – mind, spirit, and body. Traditional medicine solely focuses on the body and it’s working parts.

Many are finding that a holistic approach to healing helps them in ways that traditional methods can’t. Holistic methods are still considered “alternative” however they are becoming more and more mainstream every day. Some of the most common holistic procedures are:

  • Aromatherapy – Essential oils are involved in aromatherapy and are applied to the area of the body via massage. They are derived from leaves, roots, blooms or seeds and are said to reduce anxiety, stress and pain.
  • Accupressure and acupuncture – Acupressure and acupuncture are similar in that both methods apply pressure to specific points along what is referred to as the meridians of the body. The meridians are said to energy to the human body. Acupuncture is a similar concept only it uses thin needles controlled by an individual and strategically placed along the same channels.
  • Chiropractic care – It’s still amazing that chiropractic care is considered holistic or alternative treatment. Though more accepted now than in the past due to the extensive training doctors must go through, it still uses holistic methods to include massage and manipulation of the spine to relieve pain.
  • Hydrotherapy – Simply put, hydrotherapy uses water to massage away pain.
  • Homeopathy – Homeopathy treats an ailment with itself. This is done by prescribing a very diluted substance to encourage the body’s natural ability to heal.
  • Reflexology – Focus on pressure to hands, feet and ears is how reflexology works and it’s been proven to reduce stress, eliminate fatigue and improve breathing to name a few benefits.

These methods are just a few that have seen much success with all types of illness to include Fibromyalgia, cancer, dementia, and recovery from minor surgeries and ailments as well. The idea is that the body does know how to heal itself and these methods again, cater to the mind and spirit and get the patient in a right frame of mind to heal. They can be used alone, or combined with traditional medicines.

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