Holistic Network Exchange is a website about holistic businesses in San Francisco. We provide resources for those who would like to live more natural lives, by eating healthier foods and visiting holistic physicians.

The Holistic Network Exchange website was created by Alisha Thomas, who wanted to create a database for everyone in the San Francisco area. Not only is this a list of holistic businesses, but this is a list of the most popular and recommended natural food and natural medicine resources in the San Francisco area. We have also started to include national resources such as holistic rehab and general holistic websites.

We believe that the most important thing to do to live healthier lives is to have healthy bodies. The best way to achieve this is to monitor what kind of foods we are putting into our bodies. We have to be careful not to put any chemicals or preservatives into our bodies. We also believe the pharmaceutical companies have conventional physicians in their pockets, and it’s hard to get honest and complete healthcare without going to see a natural physician. Have a look at our resources, and make sure you submit your business if you believe you qualify. We will take a look.